Process of a Hair Transplantation

Process of a Hair Transplantation

Preparation & Procedure of an FUE Hair Transplant

Blood Collection

Before a hair transplant, blood is taken so that possible risks that could stand in the way of an operation can be ruled out.

Surgical Clothing

After the blood has been taken, the preparations begin. Please take off the upper part completely. The nursing staff will give you a surgical shirt to put on, which is tied together from behind, and disposable towel slippers.

Photo Shoots

Before and after the hair transplant, photos are taken from all perspectives, which are kept in the clinic archive for objective evaluation and documentation of the treatment carried out. The before and after pictures ensure an objective assessment of the healing process.

Full Shave

For the best possible result, with the FUE method, the head is completely shaved to 1mm before the treatment, as it is simply possible to work better and more precisely. At the extraction area, the punch needles have to pierce the scalp around the hair follicles and this is not possible with longer hair.


During the operation you will be given a serum. In this serum you will receive medicines such as sedatives, painkillers, antibiotics and anti-swelling drugs. This prevents pain and the risk of infection during the operation.

Removal of the hair root

The donor area is then prepared. You have to lie on your stomach. Before the hair follicles are removed from the donor area, the area is given a local anesthetic prior to the procedure so that you do not feel any pain throughout the operation. The anesthetic injections are uncomfortable and painful. But when the first ones are given, the anesthetic will already start to take effect and you won’t feel much of the further injections. The number of syringes is different. Depends on how well you absorb the anesthetic. Using a micromotor, which is used for quick and safe removal of the follicles in the donor area, the follicles and the surrounding tissue are exposed in a cylindrical manner from the fixed tissue. The hair follicles are then removed individually from the donor area using micro-tweezers and stored in a nutrient solution enriched with the body’s own growth factors.

Hair root transplantation

Before the hair root is transplanted, the treatment area is drawn in and the new hairline is defined. The desired hair density, the hair line and the expected result will be discussed with you in detail. After that, you need to lie on your back. The recipient area is numbed locally. The anesthetic injections are very uncomfortable and painful, especially in the front area. It is important for the receiving surface that the openings are set exactly in depth and angle, as this determines the direction in which the hair grows. The angle and direction of each lateral incision must be as precise as the appearance of the natural hair.

Behavioral instructions during the operation

For a successful process of local anaesthesia, removal and transplantation of the hair root, please avoid head movements and try to speak as little as possible. Your specialist needs complete concentration during the operation.