Hair Med is the best hair transplant center in Turkey Antalya

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Hair transplant Antalya Turkey
hair transplantation turkey antalya

Hair Med : Turkey’s best hair transplant center in Antalya

Hair transplantation can be successfully applied to people of all ages. People with blood pressure, diabetes, liver and heart disease can have hair transplantation after the necessary preliminary controls are made. Not recommended for those under the age of 18. Depending on the person’s hair loss, sometimes a second session may be required to provide the hair density needed for a natural look.

We provide the best hair transplant center in Turkey. Our clinic is in Antalya, the capital city of the holiday.


We provide free transfers for our guests coming from outside the city.

Hygienic Environment

We perform all our operations in a 100% hygienic clinical environment.

Experienced Team

An experienced and expert team awaits you at every stage of your treatment.

Get natural and permanent hair with the FUE technique!

In the FUE hair transplantation technique, the length of the hair in the area where the hair will be taken is shaved to 1 mm. Your hair follicles are removed one by one by our professional team with microsurgical instruments from the area anesthetized with local anesthesia.

Finally, the procedure is terminated by placing the extracted follicular units into these channels. After this procedure, it takes 7-10 days for your tissue to heal. With this method, it is possible to remove and transplant around 4000 follicles in one operation. The process can take up to 4-8 hours. It is a completely painless and healthy operation.

Hair Med is the best hair transplant center in Antalya Turkey
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Free Consultation for Hair Transplantation

Send your photos on WhatsApp for free hair analysis, our specialist will call you and inform you.

After Hair Transplant

The first few weeks and especially the first 3 days after hair transplantation are very important for successful results in hair transplantation. In this process, the person should pay attention to his head and avoid possible blows and contacts. He should wear a hat or bandana when he goes out, and stay away from unhygienic environments and external factors such as sun and rain that will come into direct contact with the hair. Particular attention should be paid to the sleeping position for the first 3 days. You should lie on your back and the hair transplant area should not come into contact with the pillow.

Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey

FUE Hair Transplant Prices

1,250 from
  • Up to 4000 Grafts​
  • Airport transfers
  • Laboratory costs and medication
  • Care lotion and shampoo

Hair Transplant Prices for Women

1,890 from
  • Up to 4000 Grafts​
  • Airport transfers
  • Laboratory costs and medication
  • Care lotion and shampoo

DHI Hair Transplant Prices

1,790 from
  • Up to 4000 Grafts​
  • Airport transfers
  • Laboratory costs and medication
  • Care lotion and shampoo

Beard Transplantation Prices​

1,890 from
  • Up to 4000 Grafts​
  • Airport transfers
  • Laboratory costs and medication
  • Care lotion and shampoo

Eyebrow Transplantation Prices

900 from
  • Up to 4000 Grafts​
  • Airport transfers
  • Laboratory costs and medication
  • Care lotion and shampoo

Why Hair-Med?

1,000+ happy patient
  • Professional solutions
  • Affordable price guarantee
  • Post-operative support
  • Both vacation and treatment

Antalya, Istanbul Hair Transplantation

Hair Med, Hair Transplantation Center has been serving for many years with its expert and experienced team, in a fully equipped and 100% hygienic operating room environment, with state-of-the-art equipment. Our center, which successfully performs beard transplantation, mustache transplantation, sideburn transplantation, eyebrow transplantation and PRP hair treatment with the FUE technique, in addition to hair transplantation operations, carries out hundreds of operations every year, providing you with the best service, the best prices and the highest quality, comfortable conditions. offers.

As Hair Med, we perform all our operations in a hygienic hospital environment, in a fully equipped operating room, under sterile conditions, and use the most technological equipment. We have a physician in our clinics for possible complications that may occur during hair transplantation procedures.

We are the best hair transplant center in Turkey. We do hair transplant operations in Antalya, Turkey.

Frequently asked questions about surgical hair transplantation

Today there are two types of hair transplant methods: FUE and FUT technique. FUE technique Hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area using micromotors. With the FUT technique, long strips are cut and absorbed with the skin. FUT technique also leaves scars. For this reason, it is not possible to achieve an aesthetically natural appearance. As a Hair Med hair transplant center, we prefer the FUE method in our company.

Since the hair transplanted in hair transplantation is genetically taken from the nape area, which is the least shed, it does not fall out. The transplanted hairs continue their genetic characteristics in the nape region.

During the hair transplant operation, the patient is given local anesthesia. In this way, the patient does not feel pain or pain during the operation.

Hair transplant prices start from 1000€ for 2022.

After hair transplantation, you should protect your head from blows and avoid strenuous work.

After the operation, you should stay away from sunlight and rest for 3 days.

  • Because there is high technology.
  • Because their doctors are very experienced.
  • Because Antalya is a tourism paradise.
  • Because their prices are very cheap.

Hair Med is the best hair transplant center in Antalya, also performs beard transplants. FUE technique is applied for beard transplantation.

Hair-Med uses the FUE technique for eyebrow transplantation. Hair Med, which is among the best hair transplantation centers in Antalya, recommends one of the FUE or DHI techniques to its patients in eyebrow transplantation.

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