Treatment Opportunities in Turkey with Hair Med

Turkey offers high quality healthcare services at affordable prices. Hair Med strives to be a bridge between patients seeking quality and fast health care and experienced and talented Turkish doctors. We aim to make every aspect of the patient’s treatment in Antalya as simple as possible. We represent our foreign patients in their search for the best hospital and doctor for them. We eliminate the stress of our patients during this process by coordinating the treatment process and solving their problems during their stay in Antalya. We attach great importance to the health of our patients and communication with them. That’s why we keep in touch and follow up with them after their treatment is over. Our aim is to make the treatment of patients in Antalya as comfortable as possible.

Transfer Services

We want our foreign patients to have a pleasant journey when they come to Antalya. We care about communication with our patients that starts before they arrive. That’s why we take you and your companions from the airport by including transfer services to our medical packages that we offer you. Before your examination, we meet with you and review your schedule. As a result, even if this is your first time in Antalya, we prevent you from feeling alone. Depending on the airport you arrive at, traffic and the location of the hotel, it will take approximately one hour to travel to your hotel.

Accommodation Services

We have agreements with four-star hotels that have experience with international patients and it is important to us that you have a great experience at our partner hotels. We also take care of taking you from the hotel to the clinic or hospital. We offer you sightseeing options suitable for your treatment, such as city tours or shopping tours. Antalya offers a wide variety of touristic options to suit everyone’s preferences, and we support you to find the one that suits you. Here you will be able to combine your vacation with low cost, high quality treatment.