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Akdeniz Sağlık Vakfı Yaşam Hastanesi

Akdeniz Sağlık Vakfı Yaşam Hospital

The Foundation’s 250-bed capacity Yaşam Hospital (ASV), which is the sixth member of the Yaşam Hospitals Group chain, which has completed its 25th year as a hospital, was put into service in the center of Antalya in 2017.

In the hospital, which is equipped with the most advanced technologies and the most modern equipment and consists of a closed area of 26,400 m2; There are 61 polyclinic rooms, 9 operating rooms, 46 adult intensive care units, 2 negative pressure respiratory isolation intensive care units, 23 neonatal intensive care units, 2 delivery rooms, all kinds of medical diagnosis and treatment units in all branches.

Anadolu Hastanesi

Anadolu Hospital

1993; Starting its services under the name of “Private Kemer Clinic” in the Kemer region; Anadolu Hospitals, which opened its first hospital in the Kemer region in 1997, took into account the needs and demands of both the tourism sector and the local people in the Antalya region over the years, Anadolu Hospitals opened a total of 7 hospitals in locations in the Antalya region. Belek, Antalya Center, Side, Alanya, Serik and Lara for patient satisfaction with its focused approach. Antalya Anadolu Hospital, which became operational in 2005; By gathering intensive care units, fully equipped operating rooms and laboratories, advanced radiological imaging unit and all branches under one roof, it became the first comprehensive health facility to meet an important need of Antalya.