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Hair Med - Haartransplantation Türkei Antalya

We offer an excellent service package among all services. Here are our services that are included in the whole price;

Examination and hair transplant planning

Hair transplantation with equipment and new technologies

Blood collection and laboratory costs

Medications, care shampoo and lotion required after transplantation

Medications, care shampoo and lotion required after transplantation

The time of Hair Transplant operations begins in 1939. Japanese scientist Dr., who created the first worldwide effort on hair transplantation. It has been read. Performing an operation similar to today’s hair transplant operations, Dr. Okuta was laying the foundation for hair transplant technology. He pioneered in this field by announcing his brand new method used in hair transplantation for the first time in a Japanese medical journal, with his study using tiny grafts, and hair transplantation has now started as a professional.

As a result of the magnificent developments in medical technology from Doctor Okuta to the present, a very effective hair transplant technology has been applied in the course of time, the results contain zero errors and results with a high success rate and a hundred days are obtained.

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With the peak of hair transplantation technology, a brand new era has started throughout the world, and the quality of human life has increased in proportion to this. As Akdeniz Health Foundation Yaşam Hospital, we have already taken our place from Antalya, ready to serve you professionally to the whole world.

In our Antalya Hair Transplantation Center, we experience the justified pride and indescribable happiness of serving you with a world-class professionalism without sacrificing quality and satisfaction.

While our valuable patients, both from home and abroad, leave with lush and healthy hair, the smile and expression of happiness on their faces is a source of pride for all of us, and we are delighted when our patients have the healthy appearance they expect. Undoubtedly, this is a graded achievement of gigantic height. Our success graph, which is constantly rising with the happiness of our patients, is a great pride for us. Because we add our love to the service we offer by blending everyone with technology.

For this reason, the success we have achieved is at the points that those who aim for success always dream of. We know that service to people is very important. The real thing we want our patients to know is this. Your health and the happy smile on your face are very important to us. We are aware and aware that the way to satisfy our patients is through a very high quality service. From the beginning to the end of the hair transplantation treatment, which was established with this awareness, our patients share the satisfaction we have achieved with our treatment methods, which we exhibit at the highest level of professionalism as a team.

We are proud of helping hundreds of our patients to reconcile with life with the service we provide, and we aim to be the world’s leading technological treatment center in this field. We prioritize customer satisfaction. With comfortable service, professional specialist doctors and our team, we are waiting for you at Akdeniz Health Foundation Yaşam Hospital.

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We provide free transfers for our guests coming from outside the city.

Hygienic Environment

We perform all our operations in a 100% hygienic clinical environment.

Experienced Team

An experienced and expert team awaits you at every stage of your treatment.

Hair Med experience is on record!

We have recorded the Hair Med experience from years ago. The videos have been compiled for you. Moreover, these are just a selection. For more, you can visit our YouTube channel. We hope that it will give ideas to patients who want to have a hair transplant in Turkey!..