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Plan some basic prices before you learn about hair transplant.

What is Hair Transplantation?

First, the donor area in the nape region is determined. Then the collected hair is transferred to the thinned or bald area. In short, this production is called hair transplantation. In a very long time that can be taken from the past, hair is a very important accessory for women. It is either bushy sparse hair or indeterminate hair or increasing in person uncertainty.

In addition, healthy hair highlights the attractiveness of the opposite sex. This is exactly why hair loss problems lead to serious loss of self-confidence. It also paves the way for some psychological problems. Those who want to get information about hair transplant prices and details can contact us.

There are dozens of causes of hair loss, such as Alopecia (Hair Breaker). With hair transplantation centers, such diseases are detected and prevented. Moreover, application techniques have been very advanced in recent years. In other words, with the technological development, it is now very easy to catch the best with micro surgical instruments. Hair transplantation results are obtained very close to nature, even natural-like.

turkey antalya hair transplant prices
Hair transplation price in Turkey Antalya

How is Hair Transplantation Performed?

Thanks to micromotors, hair follicles taken from the nape area are transplanted into the bald area. Hair transplant doctors and technicians are in an operating room. This operation takes an average of 6 to 8 hours.

What Should Be Considered After Hair Transplantation?

If the hair transplantation process has been carried out successfully, it means that it is time to do what needs to be done after the hair transplantation. First of all, after the hair transplantation process, the transplanted hair will fit into its full form between 12-18 months.

You should not expect much about the result obtained in the first 3 months. On the contrary, it would be more accurate to describe this process as the process of patience. In this process, some responsibilities fall on the patients.

During this period, he should smoke as little as possible. In addition, natural and useful products should be consumed. Chemical shampoos should not be used, vitamins and nourishing products that prevent hair loss should be used. If these are taken care of, the hair will be strengthened. Thanks to these measures, the hair grows in quality.

The dissatisfaction experienced after hair transplantation is due to these suggestions that are not well implemented after the operation. The success of all aesthetic operations depends on the quality of post-operative care.

Hair Med provides information about this process through its specialist doctors after the operation. In addition, you should definitely read the booklet in the “post-operative care” bag in the package given to you.

Preparation Process for Hair Transplant Operation

After deciding on the hair transplant operation, you should research which technique and in which clinic this procedure will be performed. It should be noted that this process is very important for the patient.

3000 4000 5000 graft hair transplant prices turkey antalya
3000 – 4000 – 5000 grafts hair transplant prices in Turkey Antalya

Hair Transplantation Basic Stages

  • Preliminary stage.
  • Operation phase.
  • Post operation.

On the day of the operation, you must be at the clinic at the appointment time. If you have not prepared yourself for the operation process, you should definitely share this situation with your doctor.

We recommend that you pay attention to the following issues.

You should quit smoking and alcohol 7 days before the operation. You should not use blood thinners such as aspirin. Caffeine and green tea use should be discontinued 3 days before the operation. You must rest well for 3 days before the operation day. A good breakfast on the day of the operation is very important. If your transplant operation is in the afternoon, you should be ready with a light menu. A button-down shirt or a zippered sweatshirt is necessary for patient comfort.

Be sure to be at the clinic at the time specified for you.

Basic Stages of Hair Transplantation

Preliminary Preparation Phase: The processes to be applied until the start of the local anesthesia procedure after coming to the clinic. The following items are applied in these processes.

Blood Test: It is the first step of the process. This blood test determines whether the patients have a disease that prevents them from having an operation. Blood collection takes a maximum of 1 minute. With the test result, the doctor makes a presentation to the patient, including his recommendations. If there is no obstacle that will affect the process, the planting process continues from where it left off.

Graft Quality and Process Information Presentation: This presentation is made only by Hair Med doctors in Turkey. It is done to prepare our patients psychologically for this process. In addition, the patient is informed about the transplantation processes. The success rates of graft quality are also detailed in this presentation. The purpose of this presentation is for the patient to have realistic expectations about the process.

Hair Transplant Planning: The patient has a meeting with the doctor in charge. In this meeting; First, the patient’s expectations are learned. Then, an optimal solution is found according to patient expectations. It is a process in which the patient and the doctor must agree on the dos and don’ts. She designs for hair transplantation in an artist manner at Hair Med Antalya. After the transplantation is planned, the hair is shaved. Afterwards, the patient is prepared for hair transplantation with local anesthesia. In this process, the patient is dressed in a patient gown.

Local Anesthesia Procedure: All operations in and out of Turkey are performed after local anesthesia. Because the patient stays awake during the operation. This procedure is very important so that the patient does not feel pain. During the local anesthesia procedure, which creates a state of “regional numbness”, a small burning sensation is experienced for a few injections. The rest of the time, the patient does not feel anything. In addition, the duration of action of local anesthesia differs from patient to patient. Anesthesia takes about 15-20 minutes.

3000 4000 5000 graft hair transplant prices

Hair Transplantation Operation

Operational hair transplantation consists of three phases.

  • 1. Phase Retrieval Process: In the past, grafts were collected manually with manual punch. But thanks to the advancement of technology, this process is now done with Micromotors. The Micro Motor FUE method, which is much more advanced than before, speeds up the process a lot. In addition, the result obtained is more effective. All grafts taken are collected with a medical device called pen-set. And the grafts are made ready for planting. Then, the amount of hair in the roots is divided into groups. A little information, there is a period of time that the tissues wait by coming in contact with the air outside. During this time, the tissues must remain alive. To achieve this, the tissues are kept in a protective liquid. FUE hair transplant prices are also determined by the number of grafts.
  • 2. Phase Channel Process: It is the phase channel opening process in hair transplantation. It directly affects the naturalness of the planting. It is a very important process. In the extraction phase, channels are opened as much as the number of grafts collected with micro motors. Local anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel pain before the canal opening process begins. At this stage, which should be studied carefully, the canal angles to be opened and the canal depth determine the natural appearance target that should be captured as a result of planting. Therefore, it is very important that the process is carried out by specialist physicians. The experience of Hair Med doctors, sectoral knowledge and technological equipment will be the guarantee of the desired natural results.
  • 3. Phase Sowing Process: After the completion of the first two phases, the third and last phase is started. In this phase, the sowing process begins. The operation time increases or decreases according to the number of roots genetically present in the patient. During this process, hair follicles should be carefully placed in the channels.

How much is 3000 graft hair transplantation?

In hair transplantation operation, the procedure is generally performed with an average of 3000 grafts of hair transplantation. Approximately 7500 hairs are equal to 3000 grafts. Many hair transplantation centers offer 3000 graft hair transplantation to their patients because we have added 7500 hairs.

3000 grafts are neither too many nor too few. This is exactly why 3000 grafts are taken as a basis in hair transplant price calculations. Hair transplantation price is offered with these data for those who want to have hair transplantation. There are hair transplantation centers that say that more than 3000 grafts cannot be transplanted. This information is false.

About Hair Transplation Prices

In hair transplantation procedures, the price is determined by the calculation of the graft. Clinics that offer hair transplant prices usually transplant 3000 grafts. These clinics offer prices between 700 Euros and 1500 Euros for the price of 3000 grafts of hair transplantation. 3000 grafts will definitely not be enough for people who have lost their hair completely. These patients should have two or more hair transplant sessions. Hair transplantation prices with DHI technique are determined according to the number of grafts.

How much is 1 graft of hair?

Graft Calculation: The term graft appears in every clinic for those who want to have a hair transplant. The graft calculation process should be done meticulously in order to perform the hair transplant operation correctly. The hair transplant price to be given to the patients is determined according to the number of grafts to be transplanted.

The graft is not a hair root. It is the name of the area where the piece of skin taken together with the hair follicles is located. There are approximately 2-3 hair strands in a graft. In other words, 3000 grafts means 6000-7000 hair follicles.

Before hair transplantation in Turkey, graft calculation must be done by specialist doctors. The doctor determines how many grafts the patient needs. Then, grafts are taken from the donor area behind the head and between the two ears. These grafts are then transferred to the bald areas.

What does 1 graft mean?

The graft contains skin and hair follicles. Generally, the hair root is understood as graft. However, the two do not mean the same thing. There are 1 to 4 hair follicles in one graft.

How many years does the transplanted hair last?

Since the nape hair in men does not shed genetically, they preserve this feature where they are planted and do not shed. Unfortunately, women do not have such a genetic feature.

hair transplant prices 2022 2023 2024 turkey antalya istanbul izmir ankara

Hair Transplant Prices 2023

The most common pricing form in the world is price quotes per graft. Pricing per graft is generally not used in Turkey.

Hair transplant prices in Turkey are usually calculated per operation. It is offered to the patient in the form of package prices. Prices given vary from clinic to clinic. In addition, prices vary according to the detail of the package and the service provided.

If the quoted price is well below the average, we recommend that you be careful. Or the price quoted may be well above the average. Also, in this case, it would be beneficial for the patient to be cautious and skeptical. Those who want information about hair transplantation prices for 2023 can contact us immediately.

Hair transplant prices by region

  • Ankara hair transplant prices (average prices)
  • Istanbul hair transplant prices (above average)
  • Izmir hair transplant prices (average prices)
  • Antalya hair transplant prices (average prices)

Hair transplantation prices according to the number of grafts

  • 3000 Graft hair transplantation price (Average 900 Euro)
  • 4000 Graft hair transplantation price (Average 1200 Euro)
  • 5000 Graft hair transplant price (Average 1500 Euros)

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